• Mustard owes its success to innovation within the accessories industry by Lichfield Leather, since its beginning in the late 1960's. The company has remained a leader in its field since and has continually been at the forefront of design and development of materials.

    Then, in 2005 a little bemused by how John Q public was always satisfied with his money holder being a practical black or brown wallet, bought for him by his Aunt Mavis, it was decided that it was time to shake things up. There was a place in every man's closet for more than one shabby wallet, and with this in mind, Mustard was born.

    Realising that fashion does not stop at what is seen on the outside and that mens accessories can also be eye catching and a talking point. The first collection was developed and inspired by film, music, fashion and anything iconic or outrageous.

    The first collection was well received at its launch at To Be Confirmed. Mustard can now be found in over 150 stores across the UK and Ireland.

    Website: mustardaccessories.com

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